The Copywriter's Crucible

Surviving the Vagaries of the Freelance Life

A Few Writing Samples

Direct Mail Letter

  • Ahimsa House, a nonprofit organization in Georgia dedicated to saving human and animal victims of domestic abuse, hired me to write this letter for its May 2009 fundraising campaign.  Per Ahimsa House’s request, I wrote it from the perspective of a real-life domestic abuse victim after interviewing her about her struggles.

Direct Mail Letter, 2

  • This is another fundraising letter that I wrote for Ahimsa House.  Per the organization’s request, I wrote it from the perspective of a local shelter worker after interviewing her about domestic violence.

Direct Mail Reply Card

  • Direct mail packages always include a reply card.  I wrote this reply card as part of the direct mail package I wrote for Ahimsa House (above).

Sales Letter

  • Women Intelligently Networking (WIN!), a business development organization for women, hired me to write a sales letter to attract new members.  The letter was so successful that the president of WIN! decided to post it, word-for-word, on her Web site.

Professional Biography

  • Chris Lawery, president of Chris Lawery Photography in Atlanta, Ga., hired me to write a professional biography to include in his media kit.  A creative professional, Chris wanted his biography to read with a subtle creative flair;  I used the art of storytelling to accomplish this.

Professional Artist Statement

  • Chris Lawery Photography also hired me to write a professional artist statement based on a collection of works that’s going on display at an art show.  This was a particularly challenging task for me; I had to write about an extremely personal and subjective topic through the heart and the eyes of the artist.  The nature of the event (the art show) also required that I write artistic—almost poetic—copy.

Feature Article

  • This is a feature article that I wrote for ‘AMAC Advantage,’ the monthly magazine of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AARP’s competitor).  The editor of the magazine assigned the topic.

 Print Advertisement

  • The Friends of Olivia Nicole Beam Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Upstate New York that works to improve the quality of life of a little girl who became a quadriplegic at the age of 9 due to a mysterious disease.  This is an advertisement that I wrote for an upcoming fundraising campaign.

Company “Snapshot”

  • Navillus, Inc. is a general contracting and tiling company in New York City.  The company hired me to write the company’s informational packet, which included a full-color, multi-page brochure and several inserts.  This “snapshot” appears on the back cover of the media packet.

Corporate Brochure

  • Navillus, Inc. wanted to incorporate longer, colorful, more detailed sentences in its brochure, rather than “short and sweet” copy.  I accommodated the request through the use of slightly more elaborate—yet, clear and easy-to-understand—language.  The company was very pleased with the results.

Press Release

  • Lux et Stellae, LLC, a jewelry design company in Atlanta, Ga., hired me to write this press release for its debut.  Given the dour economic climate, I decided that the company’s best selling point was its affordability: fashion-forward women don’t have to pay a million dollars to look and feel like a million dollars.

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